My 5 Best Shots - hosted by Dennis Rainville

BCA Photo Group founding member Dennis Rainville once again hosted the popular 'My 5 Best Shots' session. This was our last meeting of the spring, and a chance for members to talk about their photo efforts over the last year. The intent is not to showcase what you consider your 'top shots', but rather to talk about what you have been doing with photography over the past year. Members were invited to submit up to 5 images for sharing. For some it was trying out new techniques and genres (long exposure, night photography, street photography, portraits, etc.), for others it was about travel and new experiences, and for others it was the relationship between their photography and their personal and emotional lives. This format has proved to be a terrific way for us to share more about our photography with our fellow members than we do in the usual meeting formats.

The images shared in the meeting appear in the gallery here, grouped by photographer in the order presented.