09/23/14 - Equipemnt

We had a fun meeting with a good showing to discuss "Equipment" .

I've included my notes of the topics that we (Ben Thomas and myself) went over.


BCA Photo Group Technical Series – 09/23/14



Composition – by Laurie Excell

1.    Camera

a.    Manufacturer/Lens

b.    Sensor Size – FF/Cropped

c.    Megapixel Size

d.    Features – Bracketing, Focus Points, ISO Sensitivity, Frames/Sec

2.    Lenses

a.    Macro

b.    Prime

c.    Zoom

d.    Long/Wide

e.    Tele-Converter

3.    Straps

a.    Manufacturer

b.    No Slip/Removable

c.    Sling - Black Rapid

d.    ”L” Bracket

4.    Remote Triggers

a.    Timer

b.    Remote Cord Trigger

c.    Wireless Remote

d.    Pocket Wizard – Mini TT1/Plus III

{e.    CamRanger

5.    Flash

a.    Speedlight – Manual/ITTL

b.    Soft Box

c.    Remote Trigger

6.    Grey Card

a.    Lastolight

b.    WhiiBal

c.    ColorChecker Passport

7.    Tripod/Ballhead

a.    Carbon Fiber

b.    MeFoto

c.    BallHead – BH-55

d.    Manfrotto 028B Triman/Manfrotto 410

e.    Monopod


8.    Filters

a.    Polarizer

b.    Neutral Density

9.    Light Meter

a.    Sekonic

b.    In Studio

c.    In Field

d.    Calibrated to Camera/Lens Combination


a.    Light Stands

b.    Lights

c.    Light Modifiers – Umbrella, Deflector w/Grid, Soft Box

d.    Super Clamp/Gooseneck

e.    Magic Arm

f.     Radio Triggers –  Pocket Wizards/Holders


a.    Waist Bag

b.    Spirit Level

c.    LensPen

d.    Jet Blower

12. DJI Vision 2