January 2019 Meeting - Bruce Myren

Bruce Myren gave a provocative presentation on photo projects to an audience of more than 40 BCA members and guests. He spoke about his own process in conceiving, researching, and executing two long-term projects - The Fortieth Parallel and The Washington Elm - and also referenced several other projects that were shorter term or ongoing. Bruce’s talk was a wonderful insight into his artistic process and the diligence and dedication to an idea that lie behind it.

It was fascinating to learn that in 2012 Bruce ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to obtain funds needed to complete the Fortieth Parallel project, which was originally conceived in 1991 and had been ongoing in the interval since. The Kickstarter campaign page (link below) provides a good description of what the project was about and how Bruce executed it.

The presentation was very well received and sparked an extensive question/answer period.

At the meeting Bruce showed a printout of Chapter 2, Selecting a Subject, from On Being a Photographer, by David Hurn and Bill Jay. That book is now out of print. Bruce kindly sent a pdf of the chapter, which can be downloaded from the link below. You can also find pdf’s of the entire book on numerous web sites, with a link to one of these below.