November 2017 Meeting - Collette Pelletier

We had the pleasure of hosting Collette Pelletier, whose company represents Moab and Legion papers, as the speaker for our November 14 meeting. Collette gave an informative presentation on photographic inkjet printing papers.  

She described the different manufacturing processes used to make the papers, and the advantages and disadvantages of alpha cellulose vs. cotton rag vs. metallic bases.  She discussed in detail the differences in appearance and typical uses for papers with different surface finishes. Moreover, she passed around sample photographs printed on a number of papers in Moab's line, including the Entrada cotton rag paper with a matte finish, the Juniper cotton rag paper with a baryta semi-gloss finish, and the Slickrock metallic finish paper.  

Collette was accompanied by a representative from Hunt's Camera, who had brought a good selection of Moab paper for sale at a discount, including sample packs, many of which were purchased by members at the end of the meeting.