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Meet-up: Custom House Boston Blue Hour

Blue Hour at the Custom House Tower Observation Desk - 6 pm tour

Location: 3 McKinley Square, Boston, MA 02109 

Directions: Click for directions

Meetup Description:  We will be photographing the city of Boston from the observation deck during the blue hour which is between 6:15-6:30 pm. This is a perfect time and a great vantage point for longer exposures to get streaking car lights with beautiful skies and lit up buildings. There are only two weeks in the year for this, one in the spring and one in the fall. 

The biggest issue will be photographing through fence holes but this can be done. There is a small admission charge of $10. 

I am recommending us to get there early so we have time to park our cars, get tickets, and get up to the observation deck and get our spots and prepare for the shoot.

Time to be at the tower - 4:30 - 5

Register: e mail and include your cell number so you can be contacted if there are any last minute changes

Transportation and car pooling:  This can be arranged. Let Edmund know