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Meet-Up: Fall Foliage at the Wayside Inn Gristmill and the Martha Mary Chapel

This meet-up will be in conjunction with the Dec 26 technical meeting at which meet-up organizer Edmund Prescottano will be speaking. He will post-process images taken at the meet-up and meet-up participants can compare techniques and results.

Meetup:   Wayside Inn and Martha Mary Chapel

Description:  This is a landscape shoot so bring tripods and wide angle lenses. The chapel is a great opportunity for a panorama. On Dec 26 at our technical meeting I will demonstrate how I captured and post-processed my images. All participants are welcome to show their own compositions and demonstrate their own post-processing techniques.

Date:  Saturday, October 14

Time:  7 AM - to capture the best light!

Directions:  72 Wayside Inn Rd, Sudbury, MA 01776                  

Getting there:  As this is a local location participants should organize their own transportation

Register by email: and include your cell phone number so if there is a cancellation you can be notified.