BCA Members' Photography Show

We are very pleased to announce that we will have a show of our members’ work at the Bedford Free Public Library!  The show will run from March 8 through May 9. This is a great opportunity to exhibit your work and let the general public see how talented our members are!  All group members are invited and encouraged to submit work.  

We will have room for approximately 20 prints in the show.  Assuming we have more submissions than that, we will select the images via a lottery.  All accepted work must be printed and framed with a wire for hanging.  (Canvas wrap and prints on metal will also be acceptable, so long as they have a wire for hanging.)

Each group member may submit one image.  Submissions will be via email with the image as an attached jpg file, sent to the email address shown below.  The submission deadline is end-of-day Sunday, February 4. 

Below is some more detailed information. Please let us know if you have any questions.  We will schedule a few minutes for questions at our next few regular meetings, including questions about printing and framing.



Participants must be paid members of the BCA Photo Group.


Artwork Rules

- Work must be original by the photographer            
- The final artwork must be substantially identical to the electronic submission
- Finished work can be framed prints, canvas wraps, or prints on aluminum. - In all cases, EACH PIECE MUST HAVE A WIRE FOR HANGING.
- Finished external width (including frame) must be no greater than 30” wide, no matter the format (portrait or landscape). 
- Finished external height (including frame) must be no greater than 40”.


Important Dates

Sunday, February 4, end-of-day – Image submission deadline
Wednesday, February 7 – Acceptances announced
Wednesday, March 7, 7–8 pm – Drop off artwork at the library\Thursday, March 8 – Show begins
TBD – Opening reception at the Library
Wednesday, May 9 – Show ends
Wednesday, May 9, 7-8 pm – Pick up artwork


Photographer Information

- We will have a loose-leaf notebook at the show with information about the works and photographers.
- Each photographer’s entry will have his or her name, artwork title, optional contact info (email and/or phone and/or web site), and sale price or “Not for Sale”. 



Each member may submit one image.  

Attach the image to an email to bcaphotoshow@yahoo.com.   In the body of the email, include

1. Your name
2. The title of the image
3. The medium of the finished work (i.e., inkjet print)
4. The external (framed) dimensions of the finished work. 
5. Price or “Not for Sale” (Any sales will not involve the Library; buyers can contact photographers directly via the listed contact information.)
6. (Optional) Contact info: email and/or phone and/or web site

The attached image must be in jpg format, sRGB color space, with the longest dimension sized to no more than 1400 pixels (similar to the format we use for Image Sharing submissions).  Files should be named, LastName_FirstInitial_ImageTitle.jpg.


For example: Jones_J_FluffyTheCat.jpg


Here is an example submission email:

To: bcaphotoshow@yahoo.com
Subject: Submission for Library show
Attachments: Jones_J_FluffyTheCat.jpg

Name: Jane Jones
Title: “Fluffy the Cat”
Medium: inkjet print
Framed Dimensions: 16”H x 28”W  
Price: $200
Contact (optional): email: jjones@myisp.com, web site: jjonesphotography.com


Jane Jones