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Technical Series: Neelakantan Sunder - Tigers in the Wild

Topic: Tigers in the Wild - Challenges in Wildlife Photography

Speaker: Neelakantan Sunder, BCA Photo Group Member

Description: Photographing tigers in the wild is an adventure and an exciting challenge. I have made a few trips into the National Parks/Tiger Reserves of India in search of this elusive and majestic animal. There are still about 2500 tigers left in the wild, most of them in India. Most people never have an opportunity to see tigers in the wild, even after many trips to the wilderness. This presentation about both the photographic challenge of capturing tiger images and also about the various wild life in the jungle that makes the wilderness what it is. All the photographs are from “Corbett National Park” and “Bandhavgargh National Forest.”

Editor’s Note: Several of us saw this presentation when he gave it at the Griffin Museum of Photography last spring. Absolutely captivating and fascinating - highly recommended!

Location: Common Room, First Parish Church Bedford, Elm Street Entrance