Under the sponsorship of the Bedford Center for the Arts, we are a group of individuals who enjoy learning about the artistic and technical aspects of photography to help us improve the quality of our work and to become more productive.  We emphasize education and image sharing rather than competition and welcome all levels of expertise.  Please consider attending one of our upcoming meetings; guests are welcome.

About Us

BCA Photo group at the Old North Bridge Meetup

The BCA Photo Group is comprised of individuals from communities in eastern Massachusetts who range from novice to professional photographers. Our goal is to share, mentor, and learn. We are a non-competitive organization that strives to help all members improve.  We welcome new members and hope that you will feel free to ask any questions you may have.

We meet monthly except for July and August.  The general Group meeting is the second Tuesday* of each month and we also have a technical series that meets the fourth Tuesday.  Both meetings begin promptly at 7pm and continue until  9pm and typically held in the Common Room at the First Parish Church, 75 Great Road, Bedford**.  Guests are welcome.  A current schedule of all activities is available at on our events calendar.

The general monthly meetings cover a variety of topics and mix of subject matters.  Some meetings feature a member speaking on a topic of their choice.  Other nights we bring in guest experts to speak on a wide range of photography topics, including night photography, HDR, and other topics of general interest.  We also have image sharing sessions where we will invite guest photographers to offer supportive critique.  We are a non-competitive group and operate under the assumption that we have different backgrounds, interests, and expertise while we all strive to improve.

The technical series on fourth Tuesdays deals with issues related to post-processing (Lightroom, Photoshop, and the Nik Suite of software), image capture (RAW, manual mode), and areas of interests as determined by those who attend.  We expect attendees to have a basic background in digital photography, but seek to build technical knowledge from there to a level that provides more advanced and practical understanding. 

For those who would like to attend on a regular basis our dues are $50/year, January –December, prorated for those who join during the year.

If you wish to receive information about our activities, please subscribe to our Yahoo Group, by sending an email to rwbass5@comcast.net.

The BCA Photo Group is a member of the New England Camera Club Council.

*Occasionally when the second Tuesday follows a holiday, we will meet the third Tuesday instead of the second Tuesday.  Check our events calendar where the current meeting dates and times will be available.

**Occasionally when our regular meeting space at First Parish Church is unavailable we will meet at an alternate location.  This is typically St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 100 Pine Hill Road, Bedford.  Check our events calendar where the current meeting location information is listed.